A 12-year experience in endobronchial intervention using rigid bronchoscopy - account of a tertiary referral centre

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Submitted: December 7, 2021
Accepted: March 3, 2022
Published: March 24, 2022
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We describe our experience of rigid bronchoscopy and endobronchial intervention at a single tertiary centre over a 12-year period. All rigid bronchoscopy procedures between July 2008 and July 2020 (inclusive) were reviewed. All procedures were performed in cardiothoracic theatres by a designated team under general anaesthesia. 2135 rigid bronchoscopies were performed on 1301 patients aged between 18 and 93 years. Complications occurred in 24 (1.12%) procedures. There was one fatality (0.05%). Haemorrhage >100mls occurred in seven (0.33%) all of which were successfully managed endobronchially. Ten procedures (0.5%) were complicated by pneumothorax and an intercostal drain was required for eight. Five patients required intensive care admission post operatively, all of whom were subsequently discharged from hospital. One patient had stent migration. To the best of our knowledge, this is amongst the largest single centre collection of data available for endobronchial intervention using rigid bronchoscopy. We show that rigid bronchoscopy is a safe and effective procedure when performed in a high-volume specialist centre with designated lists involving a specialist multidisciplinary team.



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