Use of the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association taxonomies, Nursing Intervention Classification, Nursing Outcomes Classification and NANDA-NIC-NOC linkage in cardiac rehabilitation

Submitted: March 14, 2019
Accepted: May 2, 2019
Published: May 21, 2019
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This study aims at creating a standardized language for each patient admitted to Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit (CR) by identifying nursing diagnosis, interventions, results/objectives expected and related correlations. The primary outcome was identifying health needs of all patients admitted to CR. The secondary outcomes were the identification of North American Nursing Diagnosis Association -International diagnoses (NANDA-I), of nursing intervention classification (NIC), of nursing outcomes classification (NOC) and their correlation NANDA-NIC-NOC linkage (NNN linkage) in order to define a standardized language for all nursing staff. This is a retrospective study involving a sample of 168 patients discharged from CR. The NANDA-I, the NIC, the NOC and the most frequently used NNN connections were identified and collected by using structured form including the 11 functional models of Marjory Gordon. Data from 76 patients were analyzed (92.1% male; mean age (± SD) 62.7±9 yrs; IQ range: 42-82). The main NANDA-I nursing diagnosis belongs to psychological sphere, but not to physiological domains. The statement NIC has allowed to put into practice actions of health prevention and education. Nursing care documentation and NNN taxonomic language promotes a wide diffusion of nursing discipline culture and significant qualitative improvement of patient’s care, further improving the communication between nurses and other health professionals.



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Iannicelli, Anna Maria, Pasquale De Matteo, Daniele Vito, Elisa Pellecchia, Concetta Dodaro, Francesco Giallauria, and Carlo Vigorito. 2019. “Use of the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association Taxonomies, Nursing Intervention Classification, Nursing Outcomes Classification and NANDA-NIC-NOC Linkage in Cardiac Rehabilitation”. Monaldi Archives for Chest Disease 89 (2).