Macro- and microvascular functions in cystic fibrosis adults without cardiovascular risk factors: A case-control study

Submitted: January 16, 2019
Accepted: May 6, 2019
Published: May 20, 2019
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Increasing survival from cystic fibrosis show untypical systems involvement, such as cardiocirculatory. In particular, the presence of CFTR in smooth muscle and endothelial cells, systemic inflammation and oxidative stress could explain vascular alterations in these patients. We aimed at noninvasely evaluating macro- and microvascular dysfunction in cystic fibrosis adults without cardiovascular risk factors. Twenty-twoadults affected by cystic fibrosis and 24 healthy volunteers matched for age and sex were enrolled. None had known cardiovascular risk factors. All people underwent blood pressure measurement, microvascular function assessment by EndoPAT-2000 device (calculating RH-PAT index) and macrovascular evaluation by pulse wave velocity (PWV). RH-PAT index was significantly lower in patients than in controls (1.74±0.59 vs 2.33±0.34; p<0.001). Thirteen patients of 22 had a value inferior to the threshold of 1.67 (59.1%), while no controls had (p<0.001). Carotid-femoral PWV did not differ between the two groups (5.2±1.5 m/s vs 5.4±1.1; p=0.9), while brachial-ankle one did (11.0±2.2 m/s vs 10.1±0.8 m/s; p=0.04).Adults patients affected by cystic fibrosis show peripheral endothelial dysfunction, which is the first alteration in atherosclerotic phenomenon. Moreover, arterial stiffness measured by PWV unclearly seems to differ respect of healthy people, perhaps because PWV alterations are typical of above 50 years old people. It is unclear what prognostic role of future developing of atherosclerotic disease these findings could be, but it seems evident that cystic fibrosis directly affects cardiovascular system itself.



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Vizzardi, Enrico, Edoardo Sciatti, Ivano Bonadei, Dario S. Cani, Elisa Menotti, Francesco Prati, Lucia Dallapellegrina, Marco Metra, Marialma Berlendis, Piercarlo Poli, and Rita Padoan. 2019. “Macro- and Microvascular Functions in Cystic Fibrosis Adults Without Cardiovascular Risk Factors: A Case-Control Study”. Monaldi Archives for Chest Disease 89 (2).