Role of smokers in the household and of cardiac rehabilitation in smoking behaviour after acute myocardial infarction

Submitted: February 17, 2016
Accepted: February 17, 2016
Published: June 30, 2005
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Objects: This study aims to evaluate the influence of household smokers and of a prolonged, comprehensive home-based Cardiac Rehabilitation Program (CRP) on patient’s long term smoking behaviour after AMI. Methods: 164 male post-AMI patients, all smokers until the day of AMI, were subdivided into three groups: Group A (n=54): patients with recent AMI, discharged from hospital without enrolment in CRP; Group B (n=55): similar to Group A but enrolled in an 8 weeks hospital-based CRP and then discharged home with routine care; Group C (n=55) enrolled in an 8 weeks hospital-based CRP followed by a further 10 months of formal home-based CRP, with scheduled hospital follow-up visits. Results: Smoking resumption at 12 months was influenced by the presence of household smokers (HS): 38% of patients with HS resumed smoking compared to 27% of patients without HS (p <0.01). Adherence to a CRP was inversely correlated to smoking resumption: there were fewer smoking patients at 12 months from AMI in Group C than in Groups A or B (11% in C vs. 29% and 55% in B and A, respectively, p <0.001). Conclusions: Long term maintenance of CRP seems to be the best way to achieve a reduction of long term smoking habit and maintain adherence to prescription in patients after AMI. Counselling and behavioural intervention should also be extended to family members in order to maximize the benefit of secondary prevention.



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Giallauria, Francesco, Teresa Paragliola, Francesco Pilerci, Domenico Del Forno, Anna De Lorenzo, Athanasio Manakos, Rosa Lucci, Marianna Psaroudaki, Mariantonietta D’Agostino, and Carlo Vigorito. 2005. “Role of Smokers in the Household and of Cardiac Rehabilitation in Smoking Behaviour After Acute Myocardial Infarction”. Monaldi Archives for Chest Disease 64 (2).