Association of vitamin D levels and asthma exacerbations in children and adolescents: Experience from a tertiary care center

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Submitted: February 10, 2022
Accepted: May 11, 2022
Published: May 24, 2022
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The role of vitamin D as an immunosuppressant and anti-inflammatory has been studied previously for different pathologies in different populations globally. Relationships between serum vitamin D levels and its effect on asthma exacerbations in the adolescent asthma population are not well studied in this region. Therefore, this study was conducted to determine the vitamin D status in pediatric and adolescent asthma patients, and its association with asthma exacerbations. A retrospective study was conducted at The Aga Khan University Hospital from 2016 to 2020. Children and adolescents who were diagnosed and admitted with acute asthma exacerbations and who had at least one measurement of 25 hydroxy-vitamin D (25 OHD) were included in the study. Serum vitamin D levels were documented for enrolled patients and their past 2-year data was analyzed for asthma exacerbations, mean length of stay per admission, and admission plus length of stay at High Dependency Unit. 114 patients were included in the study. 41 patients (35.96%) were found to be vitamin D deficient, 38 patients (33.3%) were vitamin D insufficient, and 35 patients (30.7%) were labeled as vitamin D sufficient. The average number of exacerbations per year was significantly high in vitamin D deficient group (2.82±1.11) in comparison with insufficient (2.05±0.92) and sufficient groups (1.37±0.59) (p<0.001). Vitamin D deficiency is related to an increased number of annual asthma exacerbations, length of stay per admission, and admission into High Dependency Unit (HDU).



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