Primary Hodgkin lymphoma of the lung arising with hemoptysis and pulmonary consolidation: a case report

Submitted: January 25, 2021
Accepted: May 7, 2021
Published: June 10, 2021
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Classic Hodgkin lymphomas are neoplasms originating from lymphoid tissue. Primary extra-nodal classic Hodgkin lymphoma (PE-cHL) of the lung is rare. A 37-years-old Caucasian male was referred to our hospital for recurrent episodes of hemoptysis, cough and bronchitis. A computed tomography (CT) scan showed a massive left upper lung consolidation, which was positive at the positron emission tomography (PET) scan. After several inconclusive tests and no benefit from medical therapies, the patient underwent a left upper lobectomy; pathology report showed a classical type Hodgkin lymphoma with no lymph-nodes involvement. Four cycles of adjuvant chemotherapy were administered with no toxicity. At the last follow up 14 months after surgery, the patient is alive and free from disease. Primary extra-nodal classical Hodgkin lymphoma of the lung is a rare entity, but it should be considered as a differential diagnosis in young patients with pulmonary consolidation even without systemic symptoms.



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