Cardiac teleconsulting in the time of COVID-19 global pandemic: The “Antonio Cardarelli” Hospital project

The A. Cardarelli Hospital, Naples, Italy
Published: April 6, 2021
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Teleconsulting - defined as real-time consultation between doctors by exploiting video conferencing technology over the Internet network - is exponentially being implemented through the western world lastly triggered by COVID-19 pandemic...



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Bossone, Eduardo, Ciro Mauro, Alfonso Maiellaro, Eliana Raiola, Rosangela Cocchia, Brigida Ranieri, Chiara Sepe, Valentina Capone, Salvatore Chianese, Renato Maramaldi, Enrico Pasquale Acerra, Gaetano Mirto, Sergio Lodato, Giuseppe Russo, and Giuseppe Longo. 2021. “Cardiac Teleconsulting in the Time of COVID-19 Global Pandemic: The ‘Antonio Cardarelli’ Hospital Project”. Monaldi Archives for Chest Disease 91 (2).