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Domenico Galzerano
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Maurizio Volterrani

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About the Journal

Monaldi Archives for Chest Disease is an international scientific journal of the Istituti Clinici Scientifici Maugeri, Pavia, Italy, dedicated to the advancement of knowledge in all fields of cardiopulmonary medicine and rehabilitation.

Monaldi Archives for Chest Disease publishes original articles, new methodological approaches, reviews, opinions, editorials, position papers on all aspects of cardiac and pulmonary medicine and rehabilitation, and, in addition, provides a forum for the inter-exchange of information, experiences and views on all issues of the cardiology profession, including education. Accordingly, original contributions on nursing, exercise treatment, health psychology, occupational medicine, care of the elderly, health economics and other fields related to the treatment, management, rehabilitation and prevention of cardiac and respiratory disease are welcome.

Monaldi Archives for Chest Disease promotes excellence in the profession of cardiology and pneumology through its commitment to the publication of research, support to continuous education, and encouragement and dissemination of best practices.

This journal does not apply a charge for publication to Authors as it is supported by institutional funds.


Welcome message from the new Editors-in-Chief


We are truly honored and pleased to have been selected as the new Editors-in-Chief of Monaldi Archives for Chest Disease. We are extremely excited to be embarking on this new venture and very important role and we wish to express our gratitude to the president and the board of directors of AICPR.

We are also very proud to be working in tandem and with an outstanding team of Associate Editors and members of the Editorial Board. We hope that our editorial team will improve the success of our journal.

In this evolving era of publishing, we are making up in our mind some changes that we hope will be more attractive to the journal's readers, as we are confident such changes will appeal to a wide range of academic and clinical interests. We recognize the importance of ensuring that our journal, the official journal of the AICPR, highlights key issues in the field of CV rehabilitation and prevention and represents the work and research being conducted in all regions of the world. We will also support our staff and researcher and publishers to be more active in the field of social media being demonstrated the importance of the acknowledgment of the journals.

The journal will feature the same previous types of articles. In particular, we will support the Original Articles that showcase important and innovative work within the field of Cardiology rehabilitation and prevention and the Editor-in-Chief and Associate Editors will select the Lead Articles that they feel contains research of a particularly high caliber and/or scientific impact. These articles will have an accompanying Lead Article Editorial, outlining the relevance of their work and its applicability to current clinical practice. We will also include commissioned or spontaneous Review Article written by well-recognized figures in our field, so that journal readers can be apprised about the most up-to-date literature on relevant and current topics. Dealing the case studies we will implement the possibility of online related materials for making these cases more attractive for the readers. Lastly, we will try to implement a targeted social media campaign that will facilitate rapid and easy access to upcoming articles in the journal as well as a forum for readers to participate. In summary, we want our journal to be an important source of information in our related fields and a reference point for our community.

As Editors-in-Chief, we will recognize the value authors place on high-quality and unbiased peer-review conducted in a timely manner. In addition, we value the importance of rapid publication, and so to that end, we will try to better structure our editorial team so we will be able to expedite the processing of submitted manuscripts. We have instructed all those involved with the journal in an effort to provide the highest standard of manuscript review, editing, and publishing. We want to enhance the rigorous peer-review criteria already adopted, as this reflects in the quality of published articles. We also want to encourage all those who are interested in being part of this energetic and enthusiastic team to contact us, as we will welcome every contribution. We invite colleagues working in related disciplines to consider our journal as an appropriate medium for the publication of their own high-quality research.

Thank you all once again for your future support and efforts aimed at ensuring that the Monaldi Archives for Chest Disease becomes a recognized journal in its field.

Domenico Galzerano MD, FESC, FEACVI
Maurizio Volterrani MD, PhD, FHFA