Monaldi Archives for Chest Disease

Monaldi Archives for Chest Disease is an international scientific journal of the Istituti Clinici Scientifici Maugeri, Pavia, Italy, dedicated to the advancement of knowledge in all fields of cardiopulmonary medicine and rehabilitation.

Monaldi Archives for Chest Disease publishes original articles, new methodological approaches, reviews, opinions, editorials, position papers on all aspects of cardiac and pulmonary medicine and rehabilitation, and, in addition, provides a forum for the inter-exchange of information, experiences and views on all issues of the cardiology profession, including education. Accordingly, original contributions on nursing, exercise treatment, health psychology, occupational medicine, care of the elderly, health economics and other fields related to the treatment, management, rehabilitation and prevention of cardiac and respiratory disease are welcome.

Monaldi Archives for Chest Disease promotes excellence in the profession of cardiology and pneumology through its commitment to the publication of research, support to continuous education, and encouragement and dissemination of ‘best practice’.

Vol 88, No 2 (2018)

Table of Contents

Original Articles - Cardiac papers
Giampaolo Scorcu, Annarita Pilleri

Abstract views: 379 | PDF: 30
Raffaele Rotunno, Igino Oppo, Gabriele Saetta, Pietro Aveta, Sergio Bruno

Abstract views: 323 | PDF: 21
Alfredo Monteverde, Valeria Carlino, Giulia Ganci, Giuseppe Taormina, Mario Barbagallo

Abstract views: 376 | PDF: 28
Giuseppe Patti, Ludmilla Mantione, Edoardo Bressi, Antonio Bisignani

Abstract views: 318 | PDF: 19
Giovanni Luca Botto, Carlo Piemontese, Giovanni Russo

Abstract views: 335 | PDF: 15
Giovanni Capobianco

Abstract views: 309 | PDF: 11
Maria Teresa La Rovere, Egidio Traversi

Abstract views: 322 | PDF: 20
Stefano Fumagalli, Serena Boni, Simone Pupo, Marta Migliorini, Irene Marozzi, Eleonora Barghini, Flavia Sacco, Niccolò Marchionni

Abstract views: 309 | PDF: 17
Lorenzo Palleschi, Eleonora Nunziata

Abstract views: 320 | PDF: 20
Francesco Barillà, Concetta Torromeo, Riccardo Iorio, Luigina Porco, Vincenzo Paravati, Carlo Gaudio

Abstract views: 309 | PDF: 15
Mauro Di Bari, Alessandra Pratesi, Francesca M. Nigro, Irene Marozzi, Stefano Fumagalli

Abstract views: 67 | PDF: 12
Roberto F.E. Pedretti

Abstract views: 341 | PDF: 17
Gian Francesco Mureddu

Abstract views: 305 | PDF: 13
Pompilio Faggiano, Marta Scodro, Marco Sbolli, Luca Branca, Dario Cani, Francesca Valentini, Carlotta Perego, Martino Provini

Abstract views: 309 | PDF: 13
Agata Buonacera, Benedetta Stancanelli, Lorenzo Malatino

Abstract views: 332 | PDF: 15
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