Clinical significance of positive Raoultella Ornithinolytica and Staphylococcus hominis cultures in a post lobectomy patient. A case report

Submitted: August 19, 2017
Accepted: January 28, 2018
Published: February 26, 2018
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Raoultella Ornithinolytica (RO) is an encapsulated, Gram- negative, nonmotile aerobic rob which was reclassified from Klepsiella genus belonging in the family of Enterobacteriaceae. It is a rare human infection and few cases have been reported in post thoracotomy patients. Here we present a case of a left lower lobectomy patient that was complicated by pleural effusion and high fever with positive sputum cultures of Raoultella Ornithinolytica and positive pleural fluid cultures of Staphylococcus hominis. It is related with aquatic life poisoning. There are few cases reported and even fewer postoperatively. The infection is rare in human therefore the bacteria is still underreported.



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Papakanderaki, Evaggelina, Konstantinos Kanakakis, Sotirios Goule, Maria Chounti, and Panagiotis Hountis. 2018. “Clinical Significance of Positive Raoultella Ornithinolytica and Staphylococcus Hominis Cultures in a Post Lobectomy Patient. A Case Report”. Monaldi Archives for Chest Disease 88 (1).