Exogenous lipoid pneumonia associated with oil pulling: Report of two cases

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Chi Fong Wong *
See Wan Yan
Wai Mui Wong
Ronnie S.L. Ho
(*) Corresponding Author:
Chi Fong Wong | wongcf2001@yahoo.com.hk


Two ladies with history of carcinoma of tongue presenting with un-resolving pneumonia were ultimately diagnosed to have lipoid pneumonia, and both were subsequently found to be associated with the practice of oil pulling which is a popular complementary therapy. Apart from cessation of oil pulling, they were treated with repeated therapeutic lobar broncho-alveolar lavage. despite the potential benefits of oil pulling on oral health, people especially those at risk of aspiration, should be properly informed of this potential risk when considering this form of complementary therapy.

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Chi Fong Wong, Grantham Hospital, TB and Chest Unit

Consultant Chest Physician, TB and Chest Unit, Grantham Hospital